Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Simple Things

Dasha loves popcorn.  She gets it whenever she can...the movies, the soccer field, Target, basically any place she sees it.  Until tonight, we hadn't made it at home with her.  I'm pretty certain it will be a regular event from this point forward.  These are my favorite kinds of moments.  Watching her experience something so simple for the first time and seeing her excitement and happiness is so special and we consider it such a privelage.  We love this girl so much!

Yes, she was really THAT excited over watching the kernels pop.  :)  Caleb, who HAS seen this happen before, is only reacting like Dasha because he has to do everything she does.  :) 

Watching Star Wars with her brothers.


  1. ADORABLE! I actually don't think that my kids have had popcorn. Wow, that's bad. But we rarely eat it. I bet they'll love it!

  2. That video is adorable. Dasha is simply precious and the joy of finding new things our children love! Thanks for the update on your beautiful children :)



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